Royal Press Hungary Ltd. is dedicated to providing the clients with the most advanced, high quality, unique as well as widely-used packaging technology solutions, furthermore compiling products and publications with proper positioning and indenting inside the packaging, together with labelling and related activities.

Packaging solutions account for 90 percent of the production, and printing trade means 10% of the total revenue. So the packaging department is the most significant part of the company that is very diversified.


The company mainly packages marketing publications, brochures and premium magazines before the distribution process. The foil not only protects the product, but also enables adding other promotional materials (samples, gifts). Labelling solutions of the company also have been applied by large companies like Metro, Cora or Tesco.


Some parts of the packaging process is mechanized, however, the bulk of the tasks requires labour power due to specific operations. The most frequent manual operations are removing unwanted parts from print media, folding, pulling away, collating, indenting, clipping, gluing, stripping, enveloping, personalizing, drilling etc.