Selection from the articles published about the companies belonging to the form of cooperation called Ipress Center:


Print & Publishing Online:
“Based on the experience a new model has been created, by which domestic printing firms cooperate instead of engaging in cut-throat competition:
in this new form of business, launched with Ipress Center name, the cumulative power and the achievement of common goals offer complex services, by which previously unreachable markets open up for all participants and due to cooperation there will be cost and risk reductions."
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Print & Publishing Online:
Pro Typographia award winning publications (Periodicals, rotary), 2012

Gold Ipress Center Hungary Ltd. - Premium magazin 2012/13.
Silver Ipress Center Hungary Ltd. - Golferin magazin Ausgabe 2012.
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„In 2009 the Infopress Ltd. earned a revenue of 3,5 billion HUF
while closing with positive EBIT and balance, has a state-of-the-art printing house in Vác built with a 6-billion HUF investment.”


„Success story in the printing industry in Vác.
The new printing house of Infopress Group (IPG) is capable of increasing its turnover and revenues on a market which is going down by 20 %, according to some estimates. Its increase of capacity with a new machine reflects higher-than-planned turnover growth.”
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„The super printing house in Vác is already booming
It took only eight months to finish the Icelandic-owned Infopress Group (IPG) printing house in Vác, which is already in its full swing. The Infopress Group is shaping up the printing house of 6,000 m2 floor area with an annual capacity of 9 billion pages according to the schedule, and by the end of the month the new printing machine will be in working condition. ”
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Brand Trend:
„The Infopress Group's (IPG) investment in Vác exceeded the owners' most optimistic expectations shortly after being completed."


Magyar Nyomdász:
“It took only four months for IPG Hungary to be profitable.”

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„The lately Hungarian-owned IPG printing house is expanding:
just after the acquisition the Hungarian management - being the owner right now - is continuing the investments at Infopress Group (IPG)Hungary Ltd.”
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